Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card

The Yearly Fee for the Burlington coat Factory credit card is nominal. However, there are certain charges associated with the credit cards of this financial institution. You will be required to pay a processing fee, an annual fee, and a monthly service fee. It is easy to see that the annual fee is the most expensive of all three with all these fees.

Some of the services included with the Burlington coat factory branded credit cards include online access to the company's website, which is used to provide consumers with updates on current coat styles. The consumer service fee is also worth noting. This fee is used to help the company improve its customer service. They offer assistance twenty-four hours a day through their phone line, emails, chat, and customer care section on their website.

One of the many rewards offered with this Burlington Coat Factory credit card is the opportunity to earn up to two percent cashback from every purchase you make. If you have a department store that ships to Burlington, you can earn the rewards even more. For every purchase, you will receive two reward points. These rewards are good for cash, rewards, and merchandise. The rewards program is great because cardholders can easily convert it into cash.

Another reward available with the Burlington Coat Factory credit card is the opportunity to get ten percent off your order. When you make your first purchase with a credit card, you will earn one point and then ten percent off your next purchase. Each purchase will bring you one point, and you will earn ten percent off your entire purchase. With these rewards, it makes it easier to get the items you need at a low cost.

The company does not partner with any specific brands but has several high-quality branded credit cards available. These branded credit cards come with no annual fee and zero percent APR for the first year you have an active account. You can also pay off your balance in full every month, which is great for people who want to pay off their debt without having a monthly payment. People like the convenience of having their purchases automatically deducted from their bank account every month. You do not have to remember when each payment is due, and you will not be charged interest.

Burlington coat factory credit cards work in this manner. You earn points and use them to purchase merchandise shipped directly to your home or office. You have the option to earn more points, which shoppers can use to purchase gift cards, which cardholders can use at the stores that ship to your address. No matter what you need the money for, you will be able to take advantage of this great deal.

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